What Are Your Rights If You Get Hurt At Work?

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It’s a question we are asked here at Goldberg Weisman Cairo, all the time: What should I do now that I got hurt on the job? Who pays my medical bills? How do I pay my mortgage, car payment and groceries? What legal rights do you have?

Don’t panic. Fortunately, employers in Illinois are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits in order to cover all related medical treatment and temporary disability benefits to any employees who are injured or ill while working on the job. These injured employees may also be entitled to compensation for any permanent disabilities or vocational training if they are unable to return to their usual jobs. In the most tragic cases, the family members of workers who die on the job will be entitled to survivors’ benefits if the death is due to a job related cause.

While this system is in place for you if you are injured on the job, there are steps you need to take to ensure that your rights are protected.