Worker Compensation Benefits

In this video, I walk you through Eight Benefits available through California Workers’ Compensation. I also review two bonus benefits that are not strictly workers” compensation but are used frequently by injured workers.

Benefit # 1: Temporary Total Disability (TTD)
– Eligible if you are not permanent and stationary and your claim is accepted and your PTP WC doctor has you off work or modified duties that your employer cannot accommodate.
– Has minimum and maximum amounts
– Most people are paid 2/3 of their gross average weekly wage (AWW)
– TTD is not taxed

Benefit # 2: Medical Treatment
– Employers must pay up to ,000 during decision period
– Work comp treatment similar to HMO. Must select PTP from Medical Provider Network
– Doctors must get treatment pre-approved by the insurance company
– Examples: chiro, acupuncture, PT, massage therapy, home tens unit, cortisone injections, surgery, DME, Dx testing.

Benefit # 3: Permanent Disability (PD)
– PD is determined based on the AMA Guides using both objective and subjective factors
– Life pension is 70% PD or more – payments continue at a lower rate after your normal PD has been paid out.
– I give specific dollar amounts that correspond to permanent disability percentages.
– Misnomer – money you get for condition permanent to you
– Percentage considers you body part, age, and job

Benefit # 4: Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) Voucher
– Voucher is for ,000
– Eligible for retraining if you are too injured to continue working your pre-injury job
– Can do it alone or with a vocational counselor.
– You have 2 years to use the voucher once issued

Benefit # 5: Mileage Reimbursement / Travel Expenses
– Accepted cases, workers are reimbursed mileage for round trip to their work comp doctors.
– Both Accepted and Denied cases are eligible for Mileage for QME (neutral doctor) or Depositions

Benefit #6: Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)
– Eligible when your doctor give you modified duties but your employer’s accommodations pay much less than you were making before.
* Could be reduced hours or lower paying position
– Would have to be making less that your TTD rate or 2/3 of your gross.

Benefit # 7: Death Benefits
– Dependents must call right away to claim the death benefits!
– Dependent can be immediate family or anyone the deceased worker supported financially regularly. Can be rent, money, or other thing that had value.
– Death benefit claims may be up to 0,000
– Meant to pay for burial expenses and loss of financial support

Benefit # 8: Attorney Fees for Depositions
– LC 5710 provides the insurance company must pay for the injured worker’s attorney for an appearance at a deposition. Covers the deposition preparation and defense.

Bonus Benefit # 1: EDD Disability (SDI)
– EDD Benefits can last a maximum of one year
– EDD rate is comparable to TTD
– A work comp doctor OR you personal doctor may certify you cannot work.

Bonus Benefit # 2: Return to Work Supplement Program (RTWSP)
– Program offers an additional ,000 check to you
– Eligible if you received an SJDB voucher
– You have one year to apply once you receive the voucher

Please note this information will only be relevant for injuries that are under the jurisdiction of California WCAB. Benefits vary greatly state to state.

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