Workers Compensation Complaints Nsw

Replay of On Demand HR’s first webinar session for 2021 where we will unpack some of the major problems with the NSW Workers Compensation system, why it is so often unfair for employers, the financial and legal risks, and the general challenges that employers in NSW are facing. Most significantly in the past 20 years, claims costs for workers compensation have tripled in adjusted terms, with the average mental health claim now costing employers 20 weeks of lost time wages on average.

During this session, we offer some practical insights on how employers can best navigate their way through the difficult environment administered by iCare, and the claims management “monopoly” that currently exists for small to medium employers. Unfortunately, many employers still think that workers compensation operates like other “insurances”, but the harsh reality is that it simply doesn’t.

In this webinar we will cover:

1) Problems with the NSW workers compensation system, and why you need help

2) Why should businesses be more conscious about managing their workers compensation claims?

3) What sort of claims should you dispute?

4) When should you start disputing claims?

5) How to manage the key stakeholders in the process.

If you business requires some assistance in managing a workers compensation claim, please visit